Sundays | 10:30 - 11:30 AM | Meetinghouse

There are two different branches of Quakerism; “programmed worship,” which is led by a pastor, and traditional “unprogrammed worship,” which is unguided and silent. Here at Downingtown Friends, we participate in unprogrammed worship without priests or ministers, rituals or programmed activities. 

We hold our Meeting for Worship in silence, so that each worshiper may open his or her mind and heart to the leading of the Divine Spirit. Although we sometimes describe our Worship as silent, it’s probably better described as expectant waiting, in the faith that God is already present in our lives, if we would just take the opportunity to listen. When we assemble for worship, we typically relax and settle into silence, as we each "center down" in our own way, seeking to still our minds and open our hearts. 

At some point, it’s common for one or more Friends to be moved by the Spirit to offer spoken ministry out of their own experience — a brief and spiritual reflection, story, encouragement, song, or prayer. A brief message can carry deep meaning, reaching and connecting profoundly with others. After someone has spoken, we allow sufficient time in silence for the meeting to understand the meaning and Spirit behind the words. The goal of our group worship is to enter the Divine Presence. Often other messages follow the first. It’s possible — and quite acceptable — for a meeting to pass entirely in silence, but messages from the Spirit, through Friends, are the most tangible part of our worship together.

Watch this helpful video to see the inside of our Meeting, some of our Downingtown Friends in Worship and what you can expect!

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