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Sundays | 10:30 - 11:30 AM | Meetinghouse

We hold our Meeting for Worship in silence, so that each person may open their mind and heart to God's leading. We describe this as expectant waiting. We believe there is that of God in everyone. Assembling for worship provides us an opportunity to listen, discern, and share.

It’s common to be moved to offer spoken ministry out of personal experience — a brief and spiritual reflection, story, encouragement, song, or prayer. Messages can carry deep meaning, reaching and connecting profoundly with others. After a message, we allow time in silence to understand the meaning and spirit behind the words. It’s possible and acceptable for the hour to pass entirely in silence.

This video shows what to expect at Quaker Meeting for Worship.

Due to Covid-19, we are holding Meeting for Worship at the Meetinghouse, outside, and virtually on Zoom. Please contact Assistant Clerk Martha Bryans for the Zoom link.

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